The Unemployment News

I’ve been a little down the past few days, and I just haven’t found much time to blog, but I thought it was about time to talk about the work situation once again. As of Friday afternoon I have been laid off. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Let’s start with the good. I’m no longer stuck on 3rd shift, and I’m definitely not sitting here bitching about it anymore. I’m not working for an asshole boss who doesn’t know the difference between an employee and a slave. I’ve finally got the free time I need to dedicate to other things such as my blogging.

As for the bad, even though I’m laid off, I can’t draw my unemployment right now while I find another job. Because I worked as a temp, when we had vacation weeks at the 4th of July and Christmas, we were filed for unemployment. This means that I have to draw off of that year until July. Considering most of the previous year I babysat from my home, repaired computers, and helped take care of my aging grandparents, all of my earnings where “under the table” and I couldn’t draw anything. So I still have very little income coming in until I find another full time job.

Basically it’s time for me to enjoy about a week of being unemployed before I jump out there and start searching again. Cross your fingers, and let’s all hope I can find something good.

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The Auto Blues

We have two cars, and the bike, and a couple weeks ago things started randomly dieing. First, the tranny went out in my Saturn. This is no new thing for me considering it’s the 4th transmission I’ve put in it. After some research long ago I learned that the differential pin in the manual tranny’s isn’t solidly supported so often it will sling through the bellhousing, especially if you tend to drive like a race car driver on a daily basis, thus the reason I’m about to get my 5th transmission. Thankfully junkyards around here are full of Saturns ready to have the tranny stripped from beneath them. Since it’s so cold, and neither my hubby or I felt like spending hours in the cold working on the car, we purchased his grandma’s Taurus to drive until we had the time/warm weather to fix the Saturn.

As for the Taurus, it’s a 96, granny driven from day 1, garage kept, never had any major problems, and it’s been properly cared for. I doubt it’s every been driven over 65mph, and considering his grandmother can’t see to drive any longer, it was perfect for both of us. We get a great deal on a car, and she gets a little extra cash to help her out. I drove the car for two weeks with no problems. My hubby drove it to the store ONE day and what happens? The transmission goes!

So now we’re left with 2 broken cars (3 if you count the Rodeo we’re trying to sell that needs a carrier bearing) and my bike. We decided to deal with the cold and fix the Taurus since the car is in much better shape while using the bike for what transportation we need. Yeah, it’s freezing cold, but we both have the gear to deal with riding in cold weather, and it was our only option. So, for the past week my hubby has been taking me to work (3rd shift), picking me up in the morning with just enough time to drive it to work (1st shift), running our errands, ordering lots of pizza delivery, and avoiding a ride anywhere else at all costs.

Now I noticed a few days ago that the chain was loose, and after a little inspection, realized it needs to be replaced before it locks up and we have a nasty wreck. I sent my hubby to the dealership, and on his way there, the bike started sputtering and couldn’t get over 7000 rpms without it wanting to cut off. He made it to the dealership and guess what, electrical problems! We’ve only had the bike since June! So now, no bike, no cars, no money! I’m definitely singing the auto blues.