Just When I Think Scammers Can’t Disgust Me Anymore

Today’s batch of scam emails just began arriving in my inbox, and I must say the last one truly disgusted me. So far 5 emails have come in this morning with the same +44 704 *** **** type numbers that match most of the numbers on the other spam ones I’ve reported as well as the one calling my cell phone. I already believe anyone who has the nerve to try to scam people out of their hard earned money is a sick human being, especially because most of these emails are targeted to prey on the elderly.

This latest scam email has hit an all new low point in my book though. I fully believe people who write shit like this and plan to use it to scam others shouldn’t even be considered part of our human race. It’s pathetic. I promise this is the last one I’ll be posting, but it seriously pisses me off to see how some people work in every angle they can to try to take advantage of someone else.

Hello Buddy,

I hope my email meets you well. My name is Sgt .James Clayton jr. I am in
the Engineering military unit here in Baghdad in Iraq, with Oesophageal
cancer which has defiled all forms of medical treatment,and right now I
have only about a few weeks/month to live,according to medical experts.

My late 2 colleagues who died last week in a bomb blast and I found a huge
sum of $25 Million United State Dollars in Baghdad neighbourhood
(http:// news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/2988455.stm) that we have
successfully moved out of the country to SPAIN via a diplomat.

I am contacting you because i want you to help with claiming of this
Consignment and help me distribute them to charity organizations and
homeless people.I feel distributing the funds would be a way to appease
the LORD and also want God to be merciful to me and my late friends and
also accept our souls,because we have killed so many in the war, but we
where only serving our country.

I have decided to give this sum 0f $25 Million USD to charity
organizations, as I want this to be one of the last good deeds I do on
earth.I will want you to help me collect this consignment and dispatched
it to charity organizations like i have said earlier.

I have set aside 20% for you and your time and any other expenses that you
might have incured in the cause of your making the claims for this consignment.

The most important thing is that, can I TRUST you Once the funds get to
you? and also would you distribute the rest 80% to charity organizations,
Your own part of this deal is to contact the Security Company on how the
consignment can be released and sent down to your home address and also
find a safe place where the funds can be kept.

If you are interested I will furnish you with more details as soon as i
get your response.The whole process is simple and we must keep a low
profile at all times because if the authorities are aware of this funds,
it would be seized and used for purchasing ammunitions and irrelevant
accessories,whereby we have so many sick, homeless kids dying with hunger
out there.

I am awaiting your urgent response on my private email address:



Email me at sgtjames.clayton@live.com


I know it’s probably all totally unrelated, but all the scam emails the last couple of weeks totally take me back to the two incidents I’ve dealt with in the past few months. First there was the incident with my Paypal account being compromised and someone spending $600 that I didn’t have on Ebay. Then just recently there was the issue with the woman using my information at a dentist’s office even though she didn’t have any financial information or ss#’s for me.

Now I’ve got all these scam emails rolling in, and I happened to remember on February 15th I received a call on my cell phone that I didn’t answer because I knew it was a scam as soon as I saw the number. It was one of those “419 scams”, and as soon as I Googled the number I confirmed that.

What I confirmed was that it’s a phishing phone scam, and the calls originate from the UK. I went back and double checked my YouMail voicemail (a must have free service for mobile phone voicemail) logs this morning. Of course I blurred out everyone’s info except the scam for their (and my) protection, but here’s what I find interesting. I didn’t add the scam number to my address book, but the entry shows up as “phishing scam”. Youmail must have it logged as a scam number, and I like that.


But it still leaves me wondering if there’s any correlation between the scam call and the scam emails. The emails started about the same time as the call, and all of the emails also discuss companies that are located in the UK. Hmmm…now I’ve got something else to over analyze.

Refinancing The Autos

I’m so psyched right now. I spent a majority of the evening with hubby seeing a movie, but then I came home and decided to go over bills. I’ve been trying to cut down on our payments for awhile now, and I’m doing a really good job of it.

I’ve wanted to refinance our vehicle loans (car and bike) for awhile now, and I finally got hubby to give me the information I needed so I could submit our requests for those. I decided since we were approved for a loan with Road Loans, I would try to refinance through them. We didn’t use the loan when we were approved because of hubby’s messed up situation with his job and how he receives his checks. Even though we were approved we were going to have to jump through hoops to show our income because they wouldn’t accept the fact that hubby had both 1099 and W-2 income that month. Now that we’ve fixed that situation, we don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I’m crossing my fingers we get approved for these refinances because it will drop our interest rate on the Blazer from 22.99% to 8.59% and the bike from 13.99% to 8.29% I really can’t complain about that!

Now that I’m finished going over bills and doing all these extras I need to sit down and make out my grocery list. I’ve got a little extra cash this week so I’m going to stock up on cleaning supplies like disposable gloves, a new mop, trash bags, and stuff like that. It might not be spring yet, but I’m in the mood to totally clean my house out and scrub.