In No Mood for the Yellow Stuff

Spring is definitely in the air!

Lily pollen
Flickr: Ruth Hartnup (CC BY 2.0)


And in my sinuses, my nose, my everything. I would love to rip my scratchy irritated throat out right now, but I’m sure my body wouldn’t appreciate it very much. Oh how I loathe allergies. 

I’m thankful my body isn’t overreacting to all this pollen like it did last year. I was still coming off all the pregnancy hormones, and my body was still all out of whack. I spent most of Spring hidden indoors just so I could breathe with the help of all my allergy meds. This year I’m thankful I haven’t had to take my meds but twice, but I knew I would be in for it after I sat down on the swing at my grandparents house yesterday. I found myself in a cloud of yellow dust that surrounded me and tainted my black jeans. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a nose so stuffy it took 2 cups of coffee and a shower to feel like I could somewhat breathe. 

I can’t wait for all the yellow stuff everywhere to disappear. If I could sleep through allergy season I would! For now I’ll have to settle with loading myself up on allergy meds and locking myself indoors as much as possible having movie marathons with the girls. 

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Kiddo’s Face Swelling and One Freaked Out Mama

Maggie The Dentist ::: Tender little care

I was hoping for a good start to this week after all the sickness we’ve been plagued with lately. I should have knocked  on that darn wood just a little bit harder.

Saturday night Ellie couldn’t sleep at all. She spent most of the night up crying inconsolably.  She has sleep problems, and this happens a lot. It began as night terrors when she wasn’t much older than a year old, and over the past few years has morphed into sleepless screaming crying nights. As usual 6am rolled around, and she just stopped crying and went straight to sleep. Ben and I both assumed she was having another one of her episodes.

Late Sunday afternoon she started complaining that she had a pain in her mouth, and we both started to wonder if the pain was related to the sleepless night. She actually didn’t mention the mouth pain (no matter how many times we asked her if something was wrong) until we visited Ben’s parents. Then she immediately confessed to her MomMom that her tooth was making her mouth hurt. When it was dinner time she didn’t want to eat anything because it hurt to chew.

Ellie has a cavity in her 2nd molar on the right side of her mouth, but after a very traumatizing experience at the dentist she refuses to have it fixed. We’ve spent months telling her she would eventually get a toothache and possibly an infection, but at 5 she just doesn’t understand. All that matters is the dental assistant scared her so horribly it took months to even get her to brush her teeth again, and she’s convinced herself the tooth fairy will help her out with a little tooth magic.

Maggie The Dentist ::: Tender little care
With Ellie’s love of Legos she would happily see a Lego dentist!

When we got home I put some Orajel on her tooth, and she went straight to bed. I spent a couple hours online making a list of other dentists in the area with the intent to find her a new dentist in the morning, but when Ellie woke up the next morning her toothache was gone and the task slipped my mind.

Then the girls took an early nap. Ellie woke up from her nap around noon, and the whole right side of her face was swollen double it’s normal size. There was no fever, and other than the swelling she was completely fine. Her only complaint was that she couldn’t chew. I couldn’t get her into a dentist, so our options were to spend the rest of the day sitting at the ER or spend the afternoon sitting at our doctor’s office getting a work in appointment. Doctor’s office won. After 3 hours of waiting we left the doctor’s office with antibiotics and the diagnosis that her sublingual salivary gland (the one closest to her mouth) was swollen. There wasn’t any sign of infection around her cavity, and the cavity is much farther back in her mouth. We were told to give her soft foods that she won’t have to chew and forego tooth brushing until the swelling goes down. While I waited for her prescription to be filled I picked up a bunch of toddler fruit and veggie pouches and some applesauce. She had refused to eat both lunch and dinner, but she downed 2 of those pouches on the ride home. 

When we got home I remembered I had completely forgotten to tell the doctor about the Orajel. The office was closed, but I was curious about a possible reaction. I called the pharmacist and was urged to call the on call doctor. As soon as I told the doctor about the Orajel he said “Throw it away. That’s definitely an allergic reaction!” We determined she probably pushed it into her cheek in the spot that seems to be the epicenter of the swelling. He also said to go ahead and take the antibiotic just in case there is infection. She’s taken antibiotics maybe 4 times in her entire lifetime, so I’m not concerned about overuse in this instance. He also recommended getting her checked for TMJ when I get her into the dentist because we have a family history. I was diagnosed with TMJ when I was 8, and along with the popping and pain I would experience swelling.

Today her face has looked so much better. The swelling isn’t completely gone, but it’s limited to one small area around the salivary gland. Her cheek is back to normal, and there is definition in her jawline again. She still couldn’t chew without pain most of the day, but she was definitely hungry! Every time I turned around she was eating another one of those toddler squeeze pouches, and at dinner time she requested spaghetti! I’m hoping this means she’ll be back to normal in the next day or two.

I hate when my babies are sick, but I admit this completely freaked me out. You better believe my eyes will be peeled open watching carefully for reactions from now on! As soon as the swelling is gone we’re finding a new dentist. My Facebook friends (mostly other mom) armed me with a list of recommendations for great pediatric dentists in a 4 county radius, and I’m going to start calling tomorrow to see who takes our insurance. I hate the thought of having to put her to sleep to fix her tooth, but if that’s what it takes so be it. The tooth may not be the culprit this time, but we all know it will eventually make her miserable as the damage continues to grow.

Happy Birthday To Me

Here I am another year older. The girls welcomed me to 33 by both waking up at midnight screaming due to this nasty cold we’re all fighting. I plugged up our Vicks 1.5 Gallon Vaporizer with Night-Light in the living room, stuck a Vaporub pad in it, and curled up to snuggle with the girls on the couch. It was 4:30am before I had them both settled down and we all got to sleep a bit. Boy am I thankful for that humidifier, though. We bought it on sale last winter, and it has come in handy many times. I love that we can use the Vaporub pads without having to rub the messy cream on the girls’ feet, and the vapor really helps when we’re all having trouble breathing.

I may have been feeling a lot worse today, but both of them were breathing so much better when the sun came up this morning. Everyone still felt pretty cruddy, though, so I decided my birthday would be a snuggle on the couch and watch movies kind of day. We went through Sleeping Beauty, Babe, Frozen, and ended with Frosty The Snowman. Ellie loves Frosty so much she insists on watching it at least once a day no matter what time of the year it may be.

Movie day ended when my mom stopped by and presented me with a birthday cake and money to have birthday dinner on her. Thank you Mama! Due to the super tight budget we’re working with right now we’re not eating out at all except for special occasions, so it was a much welcomed surprise gift. Still, with us all feeling like crud I didn’t want to drag the girls out and make them do a sit down dinner nor did I want to spread our germs. We opted for a quick trip to Firehouse where I ran inside to pick up dinner and take advantage of my free birthday meal. Then we enjoyed a quiet family dinner together at home followed by (thankfully) an early bedtime for the girls.

Ben had planned to stay up a little later than his usual work week bedtime to watch a movie with me, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it. I was kind of movie-ed out from today’s movie marathon, and I would rather him get some much needed rest. Birthday date night can come later on after we’ve all recovered from this sickness, and Ben is the sickest of all. He needs his rest much more than I needed a birthday movie.

So, there ya have it. That’s a typical birthday for this mommy. It isn’t much different than my normal days, but I wouldn’t really have it any other way. I got to spend the entire day with my girls, and that’s what matters.