I’m Broken In Multiple Places

What do you do when you throw your back and knee out on the same day? Do as little as possible that requires lifting the little ones!

Everything was perfectly fine this morning, so I decided to get as much of the household chore stuff as I could done while the girls were playing quietly in the living room and watching Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.  I dropped all the clean laundry on the couch and began to fold it.  Half way through my quest to finish the laundry Aubrey tried to climb up the couch and knocked over a stack of shirts.  I bent over to pick them up, and when I tried to stand up I felt a pop in my lower back followed by pain that I know all too well.  My lower back is officially tweaked again, and I spent the rest of the day trying to relieve the tightness and pain with meds and a heating pad.  This happens a lot for me, but I can’t take my usual muscle relaxers while breastfeeding.  The major downside is I tend to have knee pain when I mess up my back and after a couple hours of hobbling around my bad knee decided it couldn’t take the extra muscle strain and gave out as well. 

When Ben came home from work I was looking forward to getting a chance to lie down and rest my back for a bit, but to my dismay that didn’t happen.  He came home in pain himself from an injury at work today, so we’re both pretty pathetic right now.  I didn’t even bother trying to cook dinner in my state, so we grabbed Chinese (woohoo Thursday paydays!) per Ellie’s request.  

I hoped after dinner things would slow down around here, the girls would go to bed, and I’d get some much needed rest, but that never happens.  Both girls were wide open tonight, and I couldn’t get either of them settled down ’til almost midnight.  In fact it’s 12:52am right now, and Ellie just fell asleep.  That means it’s time for me to load myself up with some more pain meds, spend a few more minutes on the heating pad, and settle into bed myself.  I’m thankful Ben only has to work a half day tomorrow so I’ll have extra hands around if my back worsens, but I’m praying I’ll wake up in the morning pain free.  I doubt it, but the thought is nice!  

My Big Health Update

I’m a few days getting this update out, but Ellie and I both had a checkup Friday, and I know there are a few family and friends patiently waiting for me to tell how things went. We’ll start with me.

My was originally scheduled as a blood pressure checkup to make sure I was still doing okay on the prescribed medication, but after all the craziness that happened a few months ago regarding my medications, the visit turned into compiling a list of all the reactions I suffered to a drug I’m definitely allergic to so I’ll never have to worry about being prescribed something similar.  My doctor was very happy to hear that I’ve been off the hydrochlorothiazide since January, and my bp is staying down.  I’m sure it helps that I’ve dropped a lot of weight, and I mean I’ve lost more than I ever anticipated. I’m currently sitting at 118lbs, and I don’t want to lose anymore. I weighed 133lbs when I got pregnant with Aubrey that included that “last 5 lbs” I just couldn’t seem to lose after I had Ellie. I ended my second pregnancy at 164lbs.  I wanted to get the weight off as quickly as I could, but I wanted to do it in a healthy way. Breastfeeding helps, but things definitely didn’t go as I had planned.

I haven’t dieted. Part of my reaction to the medication was a lack of appetite and trouble eating. I felt like I was choking if I tried to eat anything, and my anxiety was so bad I was literally afraid to eat. I lost 15lbs over 2 month period, so that was definitely a major issue. By the time I ended the nasty med I was sitting comfortably at 128lbs, 1 lb more than I weighed when I got pregnant with Ellie. I was happy with that, but my little chunky baby nurses so much she’s kept the weight melting. I do my best to make sure I’m getting the nutrients and calories I need, but I feel like she’s sucking me dry, pun definitely intended. I’ve been losing about 1lb a week, and it’s time for that to stop. As much as I would love to continue to extended bf Aubrey it’s time to ween for my body’s sake. Her first birthday is 3 weeks away (omg, already!?), so we’re in the beginning stages of that process.  My doctor advocates continuing until the baby self weens or the age of 2, and even she agrees we need to stop now.

The good thing about the weight loss is how it helps keep my bp down. We already know I’ll more than likely have to go back on bp meds sometime in the future. My diastolic pressure is on the high side of normal, so we’re keeping a very close eye on that. As for all of the other symptoms I was experiencing, the craziness, the major panic attacks, the rash on about 60% of my body,etc,…it all disappeared within a few weeks of stopping the meds. It turns out out of all the patients she’s subscribed hydrochlorothiazide to over the years many have sulfonamide allergies, but I’m the only one who has ever reacted to the drug…or at least the only one who has ever reported it. She has never seen a sulfonamide reaction was severe as mine, and now we know it was also causing some alarming test results on my routine blood tests involving my liver. My blood work came back completely normal this time, and my liver is fine.

Enough about me! Ellie also had her follow-up appointment to her toe-walking and speech issues. Although she has improved some in both areas she also still has issues.  We went back through all of the other problems we’ve reported in the past including her sleeping habits (or lack of sleeping!), the hyperactivity, inability to concentrate on certain tasks, and so on. We’re all definitely on the same page now, and we’re more than likely heading down an ADHD path now. She also wants her tests for Asperger’s Syndrome, and I agreed with that.  We’re more than likely looking at some forms of therapy in the near future, and we’ll see how things go from there.  If she eventually needs medication we’ll discuss it then. Right now we’re definitely sticking with non-medicated treatments. The doctor did approve of giving her a small amount of coffee since the stimulant does seem to calm her down, and we’re staying away from the things that make her crazy hyper such as Benedryl, Motrin, and blue or red dyes.

I’m sure there will be more to tell when it’s not the middle of the night and I’m fighting to keep my eyes open!


Recovering Slowly

I admit it. I’ve been at a loss for words lately, and those close to me know that doesn’t happen very often for me. I always have something to say, but lately the things happening around me have me sitting back quietly reflecting on our life and our family. We’ve been through a lot in the last few months, and every time something good happens something bad seems to swoop in to counteract it.  Between sickness, job issues, and personal things I’ve been dealing with we haven’t had a great start to 2014.

The past few weeks have been all about my sister-in-law, Samantha, who is still in the hospital with a nasty case of pneumonia. She’s had good days, but mostly she’s had really bad days. Things got really bad for awhile, and she ended up sedated on a ventilator while doctors worked diligently to figure out exactly what caused the pneumonia. Finally a breakthrough came after many more blood tests, a lung biopsy, and a bone marrow biopsy. Sam has a fungal infection that they believe may have been caused by steroids she has been on for a slew of other problems caused by the fact she is a type 1 diabetic, a critical one at that. The recovery period is going to be a long, tough, hard road, but finally something is happening in the right direction.  She is on anti-fungal medication and antibiotics, and she will endure physical and respiratory therapy along with the process of healing from all the surgeries she’s underwent looking for an answer. After weeks in the ICU sedated and hooked up to machines Sam what we consider a great day yesterday.  She is still on a ton of drugs, but she was finally able to communicate and even laugh with family and friends yesterday and today.

We visited her Friday evening, but we weren’t able to drive down to the hospital Saturday or today.  We had plans to spend the afternoon there today, but Ellie was in a less than cooperative mood.  In fact she was downright intolerable most of the day doing her best to push us to our limits, so we both knew there was no way a 4 year old in that mindset was going to hang out in the ICU waiting room without a huge fiasco.  She doesn’t understand why she can’t go into the ICU unit to see her beloved Aunt, and no one was available to watch her for us.  My Nana has offered to watch her in the morning, so we’re going to head down to see Sam if everything works out as planned.  Keep praying her recovery will continue to advance!  Even though I know it will likely be a few more weeks before she is able to come home I’m hopeful she will improve enough to be moved out of the ICU very soon.