Temporary Dental Repair Without The Chair

Have you ever lost a filling that caused you a lot of dental pain at a very bad time? I have. Up until high school I had perfect teeth. I never had a cavity or any problem whatsoever. The only bad thing that I had ever had happen to my teeth was a white line that developed on one of my front teeth from medicine I had to take as a kid. I kept my teeth healthy so you couldn’t even see the line.

When I hit college everything changed. My wisdom teeth started coming in, and they pushed my teeth closer together, but I just didn’t have room in my mouth for all those teeth. Pretty soon I started having problems. One of my molars broke from all the pressure. Soon afterwords it developed a cavity and the cavity spread to it’s “next door neighbor”. Before I knew it I was sitting in a dentist’s chair having a broken tooth repaired and a cavity filled. It was my first dental nightmare, but all was well as soon as it was over…or so I though. I had my tooth filled a week before I had to give my final presentation for my public speaking class. I worked on my presentation all week, and I had the perfect speech prepared. The big day came, and I was ready.

At 7 am I met my friends for a big breakfast in the cafeteria to get geared up for my speech. Unfortunately during breakfast my filling I had just a week before decided to come out, and by the end of breakfast I was in A LOT of pain. I’m sure all the pancakes and syrup didn’t help. I made it to class and gave my speech, but I rambled through it as quickly as possible. I was practically in tears from all the pain, and I didn’t know why it hurt. I’d never had teeth problems before. As soon as class was over I called the dentist, and I was able to get an appointment for that afternoon.

I remembered that experience this morning when I saw a product called Dentemp OS. It’s something I really could have used back then. Dentemp O.S. is a dental repair cement that can be bought over the counter, and it’s made for lost fillings just like the one I had. Unfortunately mine was due to a dentist not taking the time to do it correctly, but people lose fillings all the time. This stuff will replace a lost filling for you, so that’s one less trip to the dentist’s office. Dentemp O.S. also temporarily relieves pain and will temporarily repair a loose cap until you can get an appointment with the dentist. It also sets so quickly that you can be eating again in as little as 30 minutes, so that’s a major plus. I think if my filling ever pops out again I might just have to give this stuff a try for my temporary dental repair. I’ll do anything to stay out of a dentist’s chair!