Ugh 3rd Shift

It’s almost 2:30 in the afternoon, I have to work 3rd shift tonight, I’ve been up since 8 am, and I’m not the least bit tired. Napping between now and work just doesn’t seem like an option to me, so I wonder how long it’ll be tonight before I fall asleep at my desk. I see lots of caffeine in my future, but any ideas on how to stay awake?

The Job Search Is On

I’ve been searching for a new job with no luck for awhile. The place I work now isn’t exactly the greatest place for me to be, especially since I moved to third shift. Let me tell you about a little history/info on my current situation.

I currently work at Itron. The job is great if you are a hired on employee, but I’m a temp. I’ve been a temp for a year and two weeks. When I got this job, I started on first shift, the plant was striving, I was getting tons of overtime, and I was told I would be hired on at the first opportunity they had to move me to third shift. Policy is to get hired on, you must make a shift change to show your willingness to be flexible for some crap like that. To make a long story short, a year later, I have been moved to third shift, and I have no hopes of getting hired. There have been many bad business decisions that have put a lot of jobs in jeopardy, and so I’m stuck working a horrible job on a horrible shift for low temp pay, and it’s just not cutting it anymore.

For about 3 months now I’ve been searching for another job with no luck. The job market around here is extremely pitiful, and we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. This is partly due to all the illegals we have looking for jobs here. I don’t care where you’re from, but if you come here looking for a job, do it legally! Anywho, this has put me in a very rough position. Neither my hubby or I have any benefits or insurance. We’re wanting to start a family, but it’s difficult when we know we don’t qualify for state help, but we can’t afford our own private insurance, so what can we do? It’s all a vicious cycle of looking for a job in a jobless area hoping to find something with insurance.