Ruined by the Pencil

Crayons de couleurI love my children with all my heart, but there are days when I would gladly leave them with the sitter and drive away for a few hours if I had the option to do so. Today was one of those days. 

Ellie woke up in an ill mood, and she whined and back talked about every little thing. There really isn’t anything new in that. I’m used to her overly dramatic days after 5 years of them, but today she took it to a whole new level. She got in trouble for knocking Aubrey down on purpose. I asked Ellie to apologize to her sister. She refused, so I sent her to her room while I took Aubrey into the kitchen with me to fix lunch. A few minutes later I heard the tv come on in the living room and headed to investigate because that meant Ellie was blatantly ignoring my request to spend time in her room.

What I found brought me to tears. Ellie decided to “pay me back” for punishing her. She found a pencil in her room, quietly sneaked back into the living room, climbed the back of the couch, and used her pencil to color the train of my wedding dress on our wedding portrait. The portrait is a 20×24 canvas I received from Canvas On Demand a few years ago, and it’s one of my most prized possessions. 

I managed to remove some of the pencil by gently cleaning it with soap and water like you would regularly clean a photo canvas, but I’m afraid to scrub the canvas hard enough to attempt to remove any of the thicker lines. 

Needless to say I am heartbroken, and she is most definitely grounded!



Stuck Inside, What To Do

I know this is the rainiest Summer I’ve lived through, and all this rain is driving me insane.  When the almost 2 weeks of nonstop rain ended I hoped we would have a few rain free days, but it hasn’t happened.  We’ve at the very least had a few afternoon popup showers every day right about the time we can finally make it outside to play.  

Ellie hates it as much as I do.  She wants to play in her pool, and I want her to run all her extra energy out.  Neither of us are getting what we want, so that’s left us both cranky.  I think she has managed to play in her pool maybe 3 times all Summer.  We might as well set the dang thing up in the kitchen and let her have at it!  Truth is we’ve been outside so little that I haven’t even bothered setting up the baby’s shade umbrella.  It’s propped up on the back porch waiting patiently to be used.  I had planned to buy one of the Kwik Cabana II sunshade tents so the baby and I wouldn’t be stuck inside all Summer, but with the lack of outdoor time I think that $45 is better left in my pocket for now.  

Speaking of the Sun all this crappy cloudy and rainy weather has reminded me just how crappy our indoor lighting is.  Normally in the Summer I don’t bother turning on most of the lights in the house during the day because I let the natural sunlight poor through the windows.  In my office I have french doors that brighten the whole room, but that’s another thing I’ve been lacking this Summer.  

All these gloomy days mean I’m using the crappy lighting in our house, and I’ve realized just how much our lighting really does suck.  It’s so bad I really don’t think it justifies the increased power bill.  Now that we’ve got some extra cash rolling in I might stop by to see if there is anything on the site I like in the price range I can afford. I think I deserve to treat myself to a new light in my office.  Maybe I’ll save that for later since I need to get some work done while both kids are taking a nap.  I’m still in shock they both went down at the same time!

Lack of Accomplishment

I’ll tell ya I’m about ready for this day to be over.  Nothing has gone how I’ve wanted it to today, and I didn’t accomplish anything on my to-do list.  I spent most of the night sick again, so I didn’t really feel like getting much done.  

I had high hopes of working on my blogs this evening after dinner, but that plan got shot to heck, too.  The dog decided to pull a disappearing act by unlatching his lead while he was supposed to be doing his business.  I absolutely hate that we’re not allowed to fence in the yard here, and he’s figured out how to open the snap latch on his lead.  He was outside for 15 minutes before he took off to the creek, and we spent a good 30 minutes running around searching and yelling.  

I finally gave up and left the searching to Ben because my back hurt, and Ellie was freezing.  Ben decided he would ride up and down the road a few times to make sure he didn’t spot him anywhere, so he cranked the truck and came back inside for another flashlight.  When he walked back out to the truck there sat Bubba in the driver’s seat soaking wet waiting to go for a ride.  

Darn dog.  It figures.  I’m so glad we have leather seats in the truck, so the cleanup was simple.  Now Bubba is curled up in front of the wood stove drying off, Ben is chilling in front of the TV, Ellie is “cooking” with her Play Doh, and I’m looking at all the pretty coins on  Hopefully Ellie will wind down soon so I can curl myself up in my own warm spot, my bed.  Tomorrow’s to-do list is now extra long, and I’ve got to get it all done.  I’ve already got a full day of labs followed by my  next ultrasound on Friday, so I don’t have time to put stuff off any longer.