Bad Weather Blues

My friends and I plan two types of trips. There are the spur of the moment day trips like our last trip to Deal’s Gap. Those are the ones where someone says “Hey ya wanna?” and we all say “Sure, why not?” Then we spend 2 1/2 hours driving somewhere just to ride up and down the mountain all day ending that evening with a 2 1/2 hour drive back. I admit, it was a great spur of the moment trip. We only planned it a few days before hand, and we ended up with great weather. Then there’s the other type of trip. There’s the well thought out, rent a cabin on the mountain, plan to trailer the bikes up and split the costs trip. Alli and I have been planning this trip for 2 weeks. We’ve kept a close eye on the weather, and as of Sunday night there was only supposed to be a slight chance to rain one afternoon, so she booked the cabin. As of today, they’re calling for thunderstorms/rain all weekend! Oh well, it’s not like we haven’t ridden in the rain before, but if it’s storming you better believe my ass is gonna be sitting inside somewhere nice and cozy watching the race. I ain’t getting struck by lightning! Did I mention I have a terrible fear of thunderstorms?