Creating Lasting Memories and Beyond With Blurb (Part 4)

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing how and why Blurb is such an incredible source for telling your story—whether it includes photos, words, or both. I realize that not everyone has the desire to write a novel or sell a book of their photos. Some people just want to commemorate a trip, an event, or a special occasion. Others may want to visually capture a business concept or life experience. Whatever the inclination, Blurb makes it easy and affordable to realize it.

Chances are you already have an idea for the kind of book you want to create. But in case you need a little inspiration, here are a few ways people have used Blurb to create their own creative and useful books:

Gifts -A beautiful, custom-made book is one of the most thoughtful, meaningful gifts you can give.

With Father’s Day, graduation, and wedding season just around the corner, this type of book can make the perfect gift that keeps on giving. And with Blurb’s cutting-edge book-making tools, you can add photos, words, stories, drawings—anything you want—and make something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Ideas include: a favorite recipes book, a baby’s first year book, a book of poems, a senior year book, etc.

Memoirs- You have a story to tell.

Ok, so you may not have hiked across the Sahara or been on Broadway, but that doesn’t mean that you haven’t impacted lives or had interesting life experiences. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you don’t have valuable insights to impart. Even if you have no interest in sharing your memoir with anyone, the process of reflecting on your life and writing down some of your thoughts and experiences can be incredibly eye-opening and cathartic.

Pet Books- What better way to showcase your best friend than with their very own book.

It could be something as simple as pictures and quips of trips to the park, naps on the couch, playing with a favorite toy, or basking in the sun, to a more in-depth life story book about your pet. These can be shared as gifts, sold to fellow pet-lovers, or just kept for your own personal enjoyment.

Non-Profit Fundraising Books
With Blurb, non-profits can share their story with compelling words and images and then sell them via Blurb’s Sell & Distribute option to fundraise for their organization.

For example, Gerrit Greve’s Hearts for Healing book showcases how kids interpret a giving heart through art. It also chronicles how Greve’s students gained new confidence in themselves and their abilities knowing that their art could make a difference in someone’s life and health. This beautiful book is an example of how Blurb’s platforms can be used to support a cause that’s important to you.

These are just a few ways that you can use Blurb to share your story or promote a purpose, but know that there are many, many others. Get creative! Honestly, the most important part is just clicking on the “Get Started” link on As you start the process of creating your own book, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the creativity floodgates open!

And when it does and you’ve created your own book, be sure to tell me about it—if you’re okay with me doing so, I’d love to promote it to other readers. Who knows? You may inspire someone else to create a book of their own!

Creating Lasting Memories With Blurb Part 3

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

So far I’ve shared the Blurb story  with you and, I’ve shown you all the cool tools and resources from Blurb available to make your own self published books. What’s even more impressive is how Blurb can offer all of these great resources in a beautifully created book made of photo-quality paper for a super affordable price!

Blurb has made a commitment to quality, and that quality is well known by creative professionals like photographers, artists, graphic designers, and architects who choose Blurb from their artistic projects many times over. If the professionals trust Blurb to showcase their work there has got to be something great going on, right?

Blurb Designer Photo Books

Professional-Quality Books and Magazines

Want to create a photo book, a trade book, or a magazine? Blurb provides the creative tools you need to add your own personal style to your projects through a large range of covers, fonts, layouts, paper, and trim size. Blurb provides each customer with several paper options with varying finishes and stock weights. Whether you’re publishing a photo book for your own coffee table collection or a high-end showcase of your work to show future clients, Blurb provides the right options for your project.

Digital Books/Ebooks

Blurb is one of the few book-making platforms that allows its customers to have complete control over creating an ebook. Blurb gives you the option to publish ebooks in both fixed-layout (Apple iPad®-only) and reflowable formats (iPad and Kindle devices). You also have the option to convert any book or magazine you have created into an ebook that can be shared without the need for print copies!


Most of us are looking for the most affordable option when creating our own projects, and Blurb has the frugal customer in mind. Blurb is one of the most affordable book printers on the market today. The handy Pricing Calculator I mentioned in my last post provides an upfront evaluation of exactly what your project will cost based on the options you want to select. 

You also have the option to compare the pricing of different types of books, sizes, and paper options (trade book vs. magazine, vs. ebook, etc.), covers (hard or soft), sizes (7 x 7 vs 13 x 11), paper type (matte, glossy), etc.

Blurb is generously offering you 15% off any book you create from now through 5/30! Take advantage of this offer now!

If you’re like me, you probably have a ton of photos you’re dying to put into a collection you can show off when friends and family come to visit, and this time of the year you may have Spring photos of your kids, prom photos, graduation photos, etc, that are perfect memories for your own book! And if your family is anything like mine, you’ll probably want to take advantage to of these savings to order more books to share!

Plus, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and photo books of the kids or grand kids make great gifts for the Moms in your life!

Need a little inspiration to get started? Stay tuned for next week’s post that will showcase some creative and useful ideas from others who have used Blurb!

Blurb: Creating Lasting Memories Part 2

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

Last week I told you a little bit about Blurb and how you can create your own lasting memories. Blurb is so much more than a self-publishing platform. They want to inspire your creativity by creating a stage to make that happen by providing some pretty cool tools. Here are a few of my faves.

Free Book Making Tools:

Blurb gives you complete creative control and customization through many easy to use tools.  

BookWright: The only desktop publishing software built for creating professional-looking print books, magazines, and ebooks. It’s super simple to use, which means you won’t need to hire a fancy designer, know a line of code, or buy expensive software.

BookSmart: A user-friendly book-making tool that allows you to create beautiful, professional-quality photo books, notebooks, and planners.

Adobe InDesign Plug-In: If you use Adobe® InDesign® then this Blurb plug-in is for you. It lets you create and lay out books and magazines directly within InDesign and output in both print and digital formats. It also includes free professionally designed starter templates for photo books, cookbooks, portfolios, and magazines.

Adobe Lightroom: This book creation tool is fully integrated into Lightroom, so users can make a gorgeous photography book without needing to leave the Lightroom workflow. It also includes 5 paper choices, including high-end photo-quality paper from Mohawk Fine Papers®.

Online Photo Books:

How would you like to create your very own photo book in less than an hour? There are beautiful layouts and and templates to choose from to create a photo book that is unique to you. The drag & drop feature makes it easy to add photos from your computer, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Instagram Photo Book:

You’ve got a ton of adorable photos on your Instagram feed, so why not make them into a super cute 7×7 book? Add up to 60 images or 240 pages, so you can enjoy those photos offline, too!

Facebook Photo Book:

We all post lots of memories on Facebook via photos. Turn all your socially-shared memories into a beautiful book that looks like it came from a bookstore shelf. Add Facebook comments that you want to include along with your photos, and create up to a 60- page book full of memories!

Other Awesome Free Tools:

Step-by-step Tutorials & Webinars – Blurb has a very useful section of Webinars and Tips and Tutorials, so you never have to worry about getting stuck. These sections also provide lots of creative ideas!

Creation and Layout Tools – These tools are great when you think you know what you want, but you want some help deciding which book size, paper type, etc, will look the best. You can choose the best fit for your book without making a publishing design error. 

Pricing Tool – Never be surprised by the cost of creating your own book. Use Blurb’s Pricing Calculator to select the options you want and price your book so there won’t be any surprises when you’re finished creating.  Choose options such as your book type, number of pages, type of cover, and paper you want and the pricing calculator calculates what your book will cost. 

Stay tuned to learn even more about the awesomeness that is Blurb!