Preparing Myself For Possible Pediatric Surgery

This week has been full of worry.  Friday we had to take Aubrey to GHS for a pediatric skull x-ray.  Although I’ve known something isn’t quite right about the shape of her head the x-ray request came out of the blue.  Her last checkup was almost a month ago, but we got a call Thursday morning from the x-ray technician at Easley saying our doctor ordered the x-ray, but it couldn’t be done there because they don’t have the pediatric setup.  After a few calls I talked to the doctor and cleared up what was going on.  Her office hadn’t called us like they were supposed to, but we got the details straightened out and took her in Friday morning.

Where is this coming from? 

When Aubrey was born forceps had to be used.  Her head was stuck in the birth canal and she was in distress.  There wasn’t enough time for an emergency c since it would take extra time to get through my scar tissue, so out came the forceps.  She didn’t have any bruising or anything, but I noticed from week one she had a misshapen head in the back, but everyone was sure it would straighten itself out.  The doctor continued to check it at every wellness check and informed us she thought Aubrey’s skull plates were overlapping in that particular area.  If they didn’t start to straighten themselves out by 6 months we would proceed further with treatments.  That is exactly what is happening now.  Her 6 month checkup was delayed until 7 months because of an ear infection, and at 7 months it hasn’t changed much.

It looks like this right now.

abnormal skull shape

Now we proceed with the x-ray and possibly a ct scan.  I’m praying the skull plates are overlapped or it’s just a malformed/abnormal shaped skull issue that can be corrected with a helmet and not a fusion at one of the skull’s suture points (the cracks between the plates that make up the skull).  If the plates are fused she will require surgery to separate them, most likely before her first birthday.

I’m trying not to think about that right now, but I am preparing myself for the worst case scenario.  I know nothing would fully prepare me for news like that about my baby girl, but maybe researching it will prepare me a little.  For now I’m trying to pray and wait for the doctor to call with the x-ray results before I turn into a Googling freak.  I’m going to spend the next few minutes while Aubrey is napping trying to find apple laptop batteries at for my sister and picking out the tablet I’m going to order when my tax money comes in.  Hopefully that will keep me from wandering over to a few medical sites to search for pediatric skull issues.

If you’re the praying type any prayers you can send our little girl’s way will be much appreciated.  I’ll update with info as soon as I hear from the doctor, but we have no idea how long that will be.