The Ultrasound Update

Okay so I’ve definitely been slack about updating what’s going on around here, but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that both Facebook and Twitter end up filling in those bits and pieces for me.  It’s so much easier these days to send out a quick Tweet than it is to sit down to write a post.  It hurts to sit at my desk very long, and well blogging from my cell phone just totally sucks.  I’ve given up on repairing my old POS laptop, so hopefully I can pick up the netbook I want soon.  That would definitely help me out a lot.

Anywho, now that I’ve got food in my system and the phone call to Hubby taken care of let’s talk about what’s been going on over the last week or so.  We’ll start with my ultrasound last Wednesday, Oct 7.

As far as ultrasounds go everything went well.  There really isn’t too much to stay other than the ultrasound confirmed what our doctor already thought.  Elliana is just fine, but she’s going to definitely be a small baby.  She’s dropped from the 55th percentile to the 26th percentile in weight and height.  Of course those measurements are always a estimate, but we know she really doesn’t have the room to be a big baby.  I was a very small baby, and with my petite build she doesn’t have much more room to grow.

She spent the entire 45 minutes of the ultrasound with her little face pressed up against my uterine wall, so we were only able to get shots of one side of her face, but I’m surprised at how much you can actually see on the 2D at this stage.  Of course it has us spending even more time trying to guess who she’s going to look like and where she gets what features.

I’ve uploaded the ultrasound photos to their own Flickr album for anyone who wants to see them, but if you’re a Facebook friend of mine you can find them there as well.

This ultrasound dated my pregnancy at 32 weeks and 6 days based on her size which is little bit behind my ESD.  Everything else measured ok, and the Anmed doctor yet again agreed with my doctor on a suspected birth weight between 5 1/2- 6 1/2 lbs.  Who knows though.  My BFF said that her son was predicted to be small like that, and he was 8lbs 2oz, so you never know.

Anywho Hubby really enjoyed this ultrasound because she was really putting on a show.  He loves getting a chance to see her kick and play because he normally misses her “active times” during the day when it seems like a foot or elbow is going to burst through my tummy at any minute.  We just happened to be getting the ultrasound during her most active hour of the day, so she was showing off big time.

Her little lungs were going like crazy, and the doctor said if she’s practicing her breathing this much now then her lungs are definitely mature enough if she were to arrive early.  We jokingly said if she’s practicing that much she’s letting us know ahead of time she’s going to be a screamer lol.  She also didn’t like the ultrasound wand, so every time the tech would push in a bit on my belly Elliana would kick it.  I think Hubby was amazed at how interactive she was.

That’s about it as far as the ultrasound went.  The Anmed doctor said she was going to ask my doc if she’d like to repeat the ultrasound again in about 3 weeks just to make sure she’s still gaining weight.  3 weeks would put me at 37 weeks full term, so if she runs out of room we could safely deliver instead of having to worry about preterm complications.  Now let’s cross our fingers and hope she decides to stay in there for another 6 weeks or so no matter how much we’re ready for her to get here!

A Day Of Baby

This week is definitely all about the baby, and that’s mostly because there’s still so much to do before she gets here!  I’ve made yet another list today, and I realized while we’ve taken care of most of the big stuff we still have a ton of little things left to do.  If I find myself overly stressing over all of it I just close my eyes for a minute, take a deep breath, and imagine being on a beach in waikiki relaxing.  Then I’m ready to get back to all the prep work that still needs to be done.

I also had my 33 week checkup this morning, and I was surprised to find out I’ll be having yet another ultrasound on Wednesday morning.  This one isn’t routine, but I’m not too terribly worried about it.

This one is all about size.  Miss Elliana measured just a wee bit small today for her “age”, so she just wants to make sure everything is still going ok in there.  At our last ultrasound she was measuring around the 55th percentile, but the Anmed doctor predicted she would be smaller at birth.  My doctor says she doesn’t think anything is wrong, but she does want to double check to make sure she’s growing normally.  She believes Elliana is just a small baby, and she’s taking after me.  The poor child doesn’t have much room to grow too terribly large in there.

Like she said I’m 5’2″ with a petite build, and I always fell in the lower 25th percentile.  She believes Elliana is going to be the same way, and she foresees her being a smaller 5-7lb baby at birth especially since I was a 5lb 9oz baby.  When I went to Anmed for my last ultrasound the doctor there also predicted her in the 5-7lb range, so I’m not too worried.

This also means we have one more thing to add to our list of things to do.  While in the doctor’s office my MIL just happened to mention that we really haven’t purchased many items for such a small baby.  Whenever either of us pick up a new outfit for immediate use we’ve been grabbing the 0-3 size instead of newborn, but those could very well swallow her whole.

The doctor agreed with us we may want to make sure we have a supply of actual newborn size because she may not grow out of them as quickly as we were thinking after all!  We may even want to pick up a couple preemie outfits just in case her little legs are as short as mine were.  My mom had to tie the legs of my outfits because my legs were so short.

Speaking of baby clothes, that’s what I’m going to work on for the rest of the day.  I want to get everything we already have washed and put away now so I don’t have to worry about it later.  With my baby shower coming up the more I wash and store now the less I have to worry about later.