Stuck In My Head

Normally I would be listening to this song as well as many others on the bike, but since my hubby is out on the bike without me this morning, I’m stuck here listening to random stuff. No matter how many songs I listen to, Rapture by Iio is stuck in my head! So, I’m sticking it in your head, too! This is a definite “old skool” fave of mine.

I’m on a mini fridge kick!

Think hubby will get mad if I turn my car armrest into a mini fridge? Seriously, I might just stop by the junkyard we get all our Saturn parts from tomorrow and grab an extra armrest/console. This way I can try the mini fridge idea without ruining the one that’s already in my car….and if I show hubby this page after I’ve already completed my project, I can just switch them out if he gets pissed. I think it’s a great idea, don’t you?

My Next DIY Project

Check out this great page on how to Declutter Your Desk. I showed this to my hubby just a few minutes ago, and I’m ready to try it! I think I’ll definitely get my office organized around my desk this way. I can’t wait to see how nice everything looks without tons of cords draped across my floor and piled behind my desk!