Flowers For Graduation

With graduation upon us, everyone is looking for that special gift. Why not send flowers online that you know will arrive in time and will be fresh? A lot of people really don’t know what to get someone as a graduation present.

I received the normal monetary gifts, books, things like that, but I also received some really weird presents. One elderly couple bought me a subscription to a business magazine because they believed if I was going to college, I must be going for something in a business field. I was actually going pre-med. A lady that worked with my dad gave me a complete set of curtains for “the new apartment”. I guess she didn’t realize my new place was a campus apartment shared with 7 other girls. It was basically our own small dorm hall with very few windows, and the pattern on the curtains was a horrible flower print.

I also received quite a few flower bouquets, and those are some of the gifts I cherished the most. I was able to dry the flowers, and add them to a scrapbook that I will look at many times over my lifetime. So, if you don’t know what to get the new graduate this year, consider a gift of flowers!

I Need A New Camera

I just realized how badly I really need a new digital camera.  I’ve mentioned before that I use my cell phone camera right now, and since I have the LG v9800, it’s got a pretty decent 1.2 megapixel cam, but it’s just not cutting it anymore.  I’ve got a few things I want to ebay, so I set up a little “photo booth” to take pictures of the products.  I haven’t gotten a single decent picture yet.  Even during the middle of the day and with the lights on, I can’t get a picture that doesn’t show up dark and unrecognizable.  I know the lighting in my house is horrible, but I mean come on.  I have to turn night mode on during the daytime to take any picture inside the house.  So, I’m going to borrow my mother in law’s camera to take these pictures, then I think I’m going to use what money I make from this ebay batch to buy a new camera.