Over It

You know what I really can’t stand?  I can’t stand it when someone thinks it’s appropriate to throw more on you when you’re at your worst.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff that has me pushed to my limits lately, and the conversation I got hit with today was enough to push me over the edge.  I really don’t know how much more I can take especially coming from my own family.  I’m so tired of being thrown in the middle, manipulated, and pulled in every direction.  Did all this have to go down today of all days?

Honestly this is one of those moments when I really need some retail therapy, but I just can’t afford to do that.  Really why can’t I just move away from here, far far far far away, and forget any of this mess is even happening?  That trip I wanted to take to England, well maybe it could become more of a permanent residency.  I could find a little cottage to live in with my girls and become the local weird American woman who never leaves her house.  I could save cash by staying home and using Sainsburys voucher codes to have all my groceries delivered to me.  I prefer shopping online anyway, and coupon codes definitely help. From what I have read about Sainsburys they deliver not only groceries but other products as well.  I honestly wish we had something like that around here that I could order from.  It would make my life so much easier if I could avoid a trip out with a baby and preschooler!


Will Anything Go Right?

I’m starting to feel like I’m totally jinxed.  Nothing is going right these days, and yesterday wasn’t any different.  I had my 11 week appointment yesterday to get the results of my thyroid test and do my ob exam.  What was supposed to be a simple appointment turned into anything but.  

After sitting in the waiting room 45 minutes past my appointment time the office clerk called me to the window to inform me they hadn’t seem me yet because there was a problem.  Apparently they decided to stop taking my insurance between my last visit 4 weeks ago and my visit yesterday.  She didn’t know what to do because she said she didn’t know if my last visit was going to be covered. 


It took another 45 minutes to determine that the policy change goes into effect on December 1, so my visit in October and yesterday’s appointment would be covered.  After that I was pretty much SOL. It wasn’t just for the ob/gyn office.  They are a branch of the hospital, and the hospital’s policy is changing, too.  If I must have a repeat c section I can’t deliver at Easley again.

She informed me I had 2 choices.  

  1. I could become a cash only patient and setup a payment plan.  It would cost me $2600 to cover my prenatal care, and then I would have to deal with setting up a cash plan with the hospital.  
  2. I could be seen for my ob exam as scheduled and covered, but I would be sent home with a copy of my records so I could find a doctor affiliated with Oconee Memorial.

Number 2 is absolutely NOT an option.  The only reason I chose to use that particular ob/gyn office when I was pregnant with Ellie was so I could deliver at Easley Baptist.  I have major issues with Oconee Memorial, and I will not deliver there unless I absolutely have no choice.  I just happened to love those doctors, and since I felt very comfortable there I returned with this pregnancy.  Plus I want the option to VBAC, and I needed to be a patient at an office that will refer to the VBAC doctor in Greenville.

I didn’t quite reach rage mode, but I did definitely hit pregnant hormonal mode.  I broke down and started crying to the office clerk telling her one little insurance change wasn’t just forcing me to find another doctor closer to home.  It was screwing up my whole plan to deliver at the local hospital I trust if I had to do a repeat c or be referred to the VBAC doctor.   She said “Oh, it wasn’t noted on your account that you were considering VBAC.”  

I told her I was more than considering a VBAC.  From the day I’ve had my daughter I’ve researched every option available in our area to have the ability to VBAC.  One reason I liked my current ob/gyn so much was because he fully supports VBAC and doesn’t try to scare you out of it with false claims.  In fact his wife had 3 VBACS, and he delivered multiple VBACS before Easley “outlawed” them at their hospital.

With that she went to talk to the office manager again and pulled my doctor into the conversation.  She came back a few minutes later with a plan.  Almost an hour and a half after my appointment time I was finally seen by my favorite ob/gyn for the last time…or at least for now.  I can always go back for my yearly checkups as a cash patient.

My ob/gyn called the VBAC doctor in Greenville, and although he usually doesn’t see the referral patients until the last 5 weeks of pregnancy he’s going to take me as a patient now.  My insurance is accepted there, so I don’t have to worry about that.  

The downside is that I will have to go all the way to Greenville, a little over an hour away, for all of my prenatal appointments.  It’s an inconvenience, but one I’m willing to deal with to follow through with my plan.  I really want to VBAC, and it’s my only option.  So now I have yet another appointment next Thursday to establish myself as a patient in Greenville, and them maybe we can finally get back on a normal prenatal schedule.

Seriously, June can’t get here soon enough.  I wish we could skip all this mess and go straight to holding my precious little baby.  

What’s Up With All The Critters?

This week has definitely gotten off to an interesting start!  Yesterday morning Ellie and I slept in.  Around 9am I turned on the Disney channel, made Ellie some breakfast, and headed into the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee (I’m still constantly thanking Ben for that Mother’s Day present!).  

As I was looking through my basket ‘o k-cups searching for what yummy goodness I wanted to drink something caught the corner of my eye and made me look out the window.  I looked up to see 3 deer, all does, standing merely feet away from the kitchen window munching on the grass.  Now, seeing deer in our yard isn’t out of the norm.  The proximity to the house is.  The patch of grass that runs between the house between the kitchen and the driveway is only about 10 feet wide, and it’s one of the few places in our yard where we don’t spot deer (and other various animal) tracks.  

What startled me even more was the fact the dog never barked at them, and the deer didn’t even seem to notice me only a few feet away on the other side of the glass.  I stood there watching them for a minute before I finally tapped on the glass to get their attention.  Heads shot up, tey looked over, and then finally they took off running.  I wish I’d had my camera nearby because that would’ve been a cool shot to get!

I continued about my morning starting laundry and such while Ellie played quietly in the playroom.  My Papa was doing his typical Monday morning grass cutting and stopped for a few minutes to get a glass of water and to tell me something ate all the corn out of his garden overnight, but it didn’t look like the typical damage from deer.  He went back to cutting grass, and suddenly stopped 10 minutes later.  I opened up the door to find my Papa yelling “Copper’s in the road!  I can’t get him out!”  Copper is one of my sister’s mini horses who reside in the pasture that runs behind both my house and my grandparent’s.  Sure enough Copper was walking down the road on his way back home with a line of cars slowly creeping behind him.  

Unfortunately we’ve had some pretty nasty storms come through the area over the last couple of weeks, and both Ben and my BIL have been working long and exhausting hours out in this super humid heat.  Neither have had time to check the fence line for fallen trees in the last few days, so Copper managed to escape the pasture.  Then the stubborn mini horse refused to get out of the road for Papa.  He even tried to nip at the mirrors on the first car following him!

Getting him out of the road was simple enough for me.  The dang pony loves the kids, so I took Ellie out on the porch, called his name, and he came running.  We wrestled him back in the fence, and got a hold of my BIL to tell him he needs to check the fence asap.  He spent 15 minutes out there, and said he found a spot behind the garden where the fencing was loose, but I don’t think that’s the great escape spot.  Ben’s going to check it when he gets home tonight since we’re both convinced there is a tree on the line in the woods somewhere in the direction from which Copper was coming from.  We closed the horses off in the upper part of the pasture away from the area we think is damaged.  No more escapes or damaged veggies since yesterday!

Well, no more escaping horses at least.  While we were busy getting the horse back in the fence the cat managed to escape out the door.  He’s not allowed outside ever since his run in with the bobtail cat across the street, so it wasn’t too hard to catch him.  I took Ellie to Nana’s so I could catch him without chasing her around too, and I let the cat run around for a few minutes until the heat became too much for the kitteh who sleeps practically 24-7 in front of the AC.  As soon as he found a shady spot to rest I scooped him up and took him inside.

And that’s when the smoke detector in the living room started going off non stop!  The good news is the house wasn’t on fire.  I did a thorough check top to bottom…no smoke…checked the attic, checked the crawl space, nothing.  False alarm.  I changed the battery in the detector, and it went right back to blaring.  I popped the battery out, called my Papa, and he ran to the store for a new detector, installed the new one, put in fresh batteries, hit the test button, nothing.


We have smoke detectors in every room of our 850sq ft house thanks to my overly cautious grandparents, so I finally gave up on the detector issue and let Ben deal with it when he got home.  I went to bed last night praying for an uneventful day today, at least less eventful than yesterday.

This morning I opened my eyes at 8am, set about on our morning routine, and while fixing my cup of coffee looked out the window.  I mentally smacked my own forehead and swore I’d jinxed myself when I looked out the window and saw 2 cows standing in the yard, not ours of course.  The nearest pasture with cows is about 2 miles away, so I had to assume they came from there.  I called my Papa and got him to help me herd the two heifers into our pasture for safekeeping…we didn’t need more animals roaming the roadway today, and spend the rest of the morning tracking down their owner.  


The cows were safely transported home an hour ago, and Ellie settled down for a nap.  That means it’s time for me to shower, relax, and hope I don’t have anymore run ins with critters for the rest of the day!