Funny Email Headlines

Sometimes I open my email and I can’t help but laugh at the things my spam filter doesn’t catch.  On average I have about 4-5 different spam emails that make it into my inbox each day.  Sometimes it’s because they’re not really spam, just advertisements from companies that I’ve done business with before.  Sometimes it’s because I requested info on something, but the generic email just doesn’t fit with what I need.  I’m definitely not the right candidate for an email about car title loans tampa, but I have requested info about car title loans before, so I can see how I end up with emails like that.

The weird ones sometimes make me sit back and think “what kind of person would I be/ life would I be living if I actually needed all these products?”  For instance today’s first spam message to make it through came with a from line of “Free trials Men’s Supplement” and a subject line of "Boobs as big as balloons". So what kind of person am I if I need a men’s supplement and boobs as big as balloons?  Am I a female who wants to enlarge my boobs but also wants to be more manly?  Am I a man who needs health supplements, but I want bigger man boobs?  Am I having a sex change?  Oh, the things my mind can imagine right now!

Why Is There A Salvaged Cylinder Head On Our Bike?

The bike has been down because Ben lost 2nd gear again.  This is the second time this has happened.  The first time, in 2007, the bike was still under the extended warranty, so Ben took it to Performance Powersports in Seneca, SC, (I’m not even going to honor them with a link back) for the fix.  He dropped the bike off at the beginning of June 2007.  The bike finally left the shop for good in July 2007.

It took a month for the bike to be fixed because of many problems with the shop, not necessarily the actual task at hand.  I documented most of it on my blog, all the troubles we had, the run arounds, lies about waiting on parts that were supposedly never shipped from Yamaha, calls to Yamaha corporate & tracking numbers directly received from Yamaha Corporate proving the parts had been delivered 11 days before, broken plastics, multiple missing bolts, wiring issues that weren’t happening before the bike entered the shop, and finally almost a month later getting the bike back.  

5 years later it’s an out of pocket expense, and Ben is fixing it himself..  Ben has turned our bedroom into the temporary garage, and has been patiently waiting for his parts to arrive. We’ve been ordering a few at a time as we’ve had the cash to do so, and the majority of them arrived today.  He’s slowly taken everything apart, and last night he was prepping & cleaning everything for the gaskets to be replaced when he found this hidden beneath the grime…



Can anyone explain to me why there is a used/salvage cylinder head on the bike we purchased brand spanking new with 3 miles on it if it has never had a reason or been authorized to be replaced? 

Even after 2 wrecks and a practical rebuild of everything except the motor none of the major engine parts have ever needed to be replaced.  The transmission has been a problem on this bike, and it was fixed once at Performance Powersports, and now is being fixed once again by Ben himself.  No one has ever been near the engine except for the factory, the dealership (also Performance) when the bike was assembled, Performance’s mechanics, and Ben.  The only two times the engine has ever left the bike’s frame…the only time the cylinder head has ever been touched for any reason, once at Performance, and now at home.  No one has ever had any reason to touch the cylinder head other than to  remove it to replace second gear, and we have never been informed of any replacement or any reason why it would need to be replaced.

Are we even sure it’s a salvaged part?  Maybe Yamaha for some odd reason marks their parts like this.  There are a couple bike manufacturers who do use paint markings on parts.

Just to be sure it is a salvaged part I have contacted 3 other dealerships, showed them photos of this cylinder head, and they have all agreed it is definitely a salvaged part.  It would never come from the dealership with hand engraved part numbers on it. Factory part numbers are always cast and/or stamped into the part.

So how did a used cylinder head with salvage markings (hand engraved part numbers on the front and paint markings on the inside) find it’s way into our engine?  Why is it even a big deal?  Our purchased brand new bike shouldn’t have a salvaged part on it unless we authorize it.  I’m all for salvaged parts, but you don’t replace something without even informing me you’re going to replace it!  Did someone screw up and need to cover up their mistake? We use salvage parts on our vehicles when it’s a better option than replacing with new (usually determined by price), but that should be our decision, not something hidden that we discover years later, especially if it may have occurred during our extended warranty period that we paid for when the item may have been replaced with a brand new part.

This leads me to believe something in fact did go wrong, someone screwed up and damaged the original cylinder head in a way the warranty wouldn’t cover, and the part was quietly replaced cheaply (a new cylinder head assembly is almost $900) without informing us there was a mishap.  If you break something on my bike while you’re fixing something else I would understand.  Parts get dropped, knocked off tables, etc, but if it happens tell me about it! We might have been perfectly ok with a salvage replacement had we been met with honesty instead of a bunch of lies and run around, and now, years later the discovery of a cover up!

Now the concern is we have no idea how old this cylinder head is.  There is scoring, but is the wear from our usage, or was  it already pretty worn? We put over 20,000 miles on the bike before the first tear down (at Performance) and another 15,000 on it since.  Those are facts we know, but we know nothing about the cylinder head assembly, if the salvaged valves were used or replaced with new ones, or even how long it has truly been in our bike.  The odds of the bike coming out of the factory with a salvage part are slim to non-existent.  That leaves the only chances of replacement in the dealership during the initial assembly after shipping (possibly damaged during shipment and sold to us that way?) or while work was being performed on the bike at the dealership because we definitely know it wasn’t damaged and replaced by us!

We can only make assumptions to what could have happened, but it is easy for us to narrow down exactly who the culprit could be.  Unfortunately there’s not really much we can do about it because we don’t have solid proof.  It’s our word against theirs.  What I can do is warn others to be careful.  No matter who you take your bike to, be it a dealership, garage, or backyard mechanic, please pay attention carefully, and if they give you the runaround and something doesn’t seem right definitely look into it!

Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments section, but I know who will NEVER receive another dime of my money.

Red Dye & HyperActivity: My Own Findings

Last night I made my list of things to do today, and it was a rather long one, but today hasn’t gone as planned at all.  Let me back track to yesterday and maybe even a little beyond that.

Actually we’ve been having some issues with Ellie for awhile when it comes to hyperactivity (beyond the normal toddler stuff) and extreme tantrums.  She doesn’t cause herself bodily harm, but she will definitely try to cause harm to other things around her.  When she’s pitching one of these “mega tantrums” she will kick, punch, and throw things at whomever or whatever is in her path.

She’s always on the go, but some days she’s much worse than normal.  If she’s a 5 on most days she’s more like a 30 on these extreme days.  When it first began happening she was taking Zyrtec, and the fits were happening in the middle of the night.  It was like she was having night terrors, but according to most “experts” she would’ve been too young to have night terrors yet.  Still, the doctor took her off the Zyrtec and switched her to Children’s Dye Free Benadryl after a few other prescription trial and errors, and the night time fits seemed to come to an end for the most part.

As she grew older and more foods were introduced to her diet we slowly watched the fits and extreme hyperactivity return.  It was obvious to both of us her moods changed drastically based on certain foods.  Even though the doctor claimed taking away red food dye was an “old wives tale” I did it anyway.  The improvement was drastic.  Ellie has been on a *mostly* red dye free diet for a few months, and we haven’t had any extreme temper tantrums. 

Until yesterday.

I was on the phone with my Dad, and Ellie got on the phone and said “Papa Clyde bring me ICEE! I want green ICEE!”  He laughed and told her he didn’t know where to find a green ICEE, but he would bring her an ICEE. He stopped by Burger King and got her a small Cherry ICEE, and against my better judgment I let her drink it. 

And now I really regret that decision.  Let me note that I normally let her have a small amount of Coke ICEE as a reward for using the potty, or we’ll use our snow cone maker at home to make her a slushie with syrups I have puchased without red dye. If we buy a slushie at a gas station I always choose a flavor that is least likely to have red dye (although you’d be surprised what contains red dye), and she’s ok.  We can rule out the sugar overload as being the culprit because the only thing that changed is the red dye.  Drinking that small Cherry ICEE was red dye overload for her, and she turned into a totally different kid. 

She wasn’t just bouncing off the walls.  She was mean.  She pitched multiple extreme tantrums where she threw things, screamed until she lost her voice, banged her head on the floor, and tried to kick holes in the wall behind her bed.  She bit, slapped, and kicked at me when I would attempt to pick her up.  She pulled the arms off one of her hard plastic baby dolls, and threw them at my head.  I’ve had to take the arms off those dolls before to drain water when she’s put them in the tub, and it takes a lot of strength from me to pop an arm out!  When she finally went to sleep well after midnight she woke up every 45 minutes or so in a screaming rage. 

Today has been better, but we’ve both been so absolutely exhausted.  My Nana wanted to see her this morning, so I let her go to Nana’s house mostly because I was too mentally exhausted to argue.  Bubba had been hiding in the utility room most of the night, so he finally came out and curled up on his pet bed to get some uninterrupted sleep, and I knew I needed to do the same. After I napped away a bit of the exhaustion I headed next door to pick Ellie up from Nana’s, and we discussed last night’s events.  She told me how things had gone at her house, and although better Ellie was still acting out and pitching tantrums over a few things.  Then she refused to use the potty at all and would purposely pee her pants (after informing my Nana she was going to do so).  We don’t know if that’s connected or not…you never know with a potty training toddler although she’s been daytime trained for awhile now. 

The bottom line is we both agreed red dye is a no no!  I don’t care what the doctor said.  I grew up with kids who had reactions to red dye.  I know other parents, especially with children with ADHD, who have told me red dye made a big difference, and now I’ve seen it first hand in my own child.  Ellie’s diet will now be completely red dye free if I can help it!