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Strategas & Balentine: Looking Beyond 2021

An Interview with Jason Trennert

Throughout this year, the Rotary Club of Atlanta has held programs with the overarching theme of “Investing for Tomorrow, Today.” During the recent meeting, Rotary President Cannon Carr invited our CEO, Adrian Cronje, Ph.D., CFA, to discuss broad trends accelerated by 2020, the long-lasting consequences beyond 2021, and what is shaping up to be a disruptive decade.

Adrian moderated Jason Trennert, Chairman and CEO of Strategas, a global firm bringing Macro Research and Capital Markets & Corporate Advisory services to institutional managers and corporate executives. Jason is known as one of Wall Street’s top thought leaders on markets and economic policy. His research pieces are read by leading institutional investors and corporate executives across the globe.

With the goal of defining the economic path through 2021 and beyond, Jason and Adrian share facts and opinions to address questions such as:

  • How can the economy be so fragile in a way, while the markets can be so strong?
  • What factors are at play for an anticipated rebound in economic activity in 2021?
  • How does today’s job market compare to Q1 2020?
  • In what way does Washington’s party control effect the markets?
  • What does the Fed balance sheet compared to the velocity of money mean for markets?
  • Is the S&P500 as diversified as we think? What are the implications of this?
  • Will fiscal and monetary stimulus result in inflation over the long-term?
  • What is our next Treasury Secretary Dr. Janet Yellen’s agenda for next four years?
  • Outside the purview of trade policy, what can the next administration do to help our economy invest for tomorrow, today, to help the “forgotten man” participate in the recovery better?
  • What are long-term lessons from COVID for policy makers and businesses?


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