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Balentine’s 2021 Capital Markets Forecast

The Economy and Capital Markets in a Changed World: Uncovering Opportunity on the Road Ahead

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We are pleased to share our 2021 Capital Markets Forecast. This annual research piece is the foundation of our investment process, and the projections herein form the basis of the strategies we design to help our clients achieve their goals.

This year’s edition, “The Economy and Capital Markets in a Changed World: Uncovering Opportunity on the Road Ahead,” updates our longer-run views of the opportunity set and addresses critical questions after one of the more volatile years in recent history:

  • With risk-free interest rates at rock bottom levels, into which other asset classes should diversification occur to provide reliable capital preservation in times of duress?
  • How to boost income from a strategy in a reliable and sustainable away without taking undue credit risk?
  • What is the risk to capital growth from today’s elevated valuation levels?
  • How does the opportunity to allocate to private markets increase the probability of success, and what are the unique risks involved in doing so?

Our forecast provides the quantitative blueprint for the steps we are taking designed to both manage risk and maximize opportunities in 2021 and beyond.

We hope you find this year’s Capital Markets Forecast informative in understanding what is realistic to expect from today’s starting point.

Please reach out to a relationship manager or any member of the Investment Strategy Team with questions.

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