Institutional Management at Balentine

We understand the responsibility carried by each steward of a plan, whether you are the trustee tasked with layers of complex fiduciary duties or the consultant helping support the many decisions trustees must navigate.

We partner with plans and consultants to identify and act on opportunities to protect capital and capture market upside.

What Partnership Means To Us

We believe a successful partnership with our clients hinges on a proactive investment strategy, a high-performance culture, and a focus on complementing a plan’s long-term strategic view. To this end, our model-driven investment approach, developed over the course of 30 years, is designed to be simple, efficient, and repeatable. We have intentionally cultivated a culture of prioritizing clients and employees, placing a strong emphasis on our core values of mutual respect, integrity, excellence, and entrepreneurial spirit. We approach client portfolios looking to realize near-term opportunities by integrating a tactical focus into their long-term portfolio strategy.


Resources for Trustees & Consultants

For trustees juggling the many fiduciary responsibilities you carry, there’s a lot of news and information to constantly unpack. As a plan consultant, you’re likely trying to make that burden a little lighter. We offer insightful thought papers on the topics our clients tell us weighs on their mind.