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Our Approach To Global Asset Allocation

Balentine partners with investment consultants to provide flexibility for discretionary asset allocation. Over the past two decades, our investment team has aimed to hone a disciplined, consistent, and repeatable process. The core of our investment process is model-driven and is therefore devoid of emotion. Balentine’s key insight is asset class performance dispersion which unfolds over long periods with great amplitude, creating opportunities in a simple, repeatable way. With a dual focus on consistent investment results and exceptional client service, Balentine aims to deliver a proven track record of superior risk-adjusted returns driven by the highest ethical standards for institutional investors.

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Investment Philosophy

An investment philosophy must be timeless yet repeatable. While our investment process is not based on emotion, we believe that investor behavior and sentiment provides us valuable data to utilize during the market life cycle. Through our expertise and market insights, we are able to capture return without trying to time the precise market top or bottom.

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GAA Leadership with Georgia Roots

Over the past 30 years, Balentine has been deeply committed to serving Atlanta and the broader Georgia communities where we work, live, and volunteer. Recognized by Pensions & Investments as a Best Place to Work in Money Management, we are committed to creating an environment of excellence that attracts a diverse workforce.

Why Global Asset Allocation (GAA)?

Balentine helps institutions achieve outperformance through asset class selection, not security selection. Studies* show, on average, that asset allocation accounts for 100% of the level of returns over time. We are nimble in our ability to tactically shift in and out of asset classes as market cycles change. With a 30-year demonstrated track record, consultants can rest assured our record of success is not an investment fad or anomaly.

*Source: Ibbotson, Roger G. and Paul D. Kaplan. “Does Asset Allocation Policy Explain 40, 90 or 100 Percent of Performance?” Financial Analysts Journal, Jan/Feb 2000, pp. 26-33.

Complement to Strategic Asset Allocation

Time delays between asset allocation recommendations and implementation can be costly for institutions. Balentine solves this issue by identifying opportunities and tactically shifting with decisive moves.

Why Global Asset Allocation (GAA)?

Limit Downside Risk in Difficult Markets

GAA strategies are designed to protect capital in down markets and outperform in up markets.

Why Global Asset Allocation (GAA)?

Individualized Approach

We tailor our approach to meet each client’s individualized risk tolerance and regulatory restrictions, as set forth in the investment policy statement (IPS).

Why Global Asset Allocation (GAA)?

Efficient Implementation

Low-cost funds provide an efficient way to implement best ideas across a global opportunity set.

Why Global Asset Allocation (GAA)?

Outperformance Through Superior Asset Allocation

Balentine’s GAA strategies have provided outperformance and a customizable complement to strategic asset allocation over multiple market cycles.

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