Discover Yourself and Friends Through Your Secret Language Name

Have you ever wondered if your birthday holds any significant meaning other than being the day you happened to enter this world?  Were you meant to arrive on that particular date because of your personality or other traits, or is it a coincidence that you might share similar traits with someone who shares your birthday?  Some people believe they may have a particular personality or identity because they are born under a certain zodiac sign, but is that really what birthdays are about?

I’ve never really believed in Astrology, but I was very intrigued when I heard about The Secret Language.  A Secret Language Name reveals information about a person’s identity and traits that person may contain, but it’s far from Astrology.  Instead the Secret Language was developed from a 40 year study of over 20,000 people.  Information from the study was organized by birthday with the intention of revealing a person’s natural identity.

Once I heard, based on his birthday, Abe Lincoln was labeled as an “Intentional Unified” and Mother Theresa was an “Innocent Supportive Partner” I checked out the video on the SLN.ME website of Taylor Swift talking about how Secret Language Name was the best birthday present she received last year.  If Taylor Swift found it that accurate I definitely wanted to find out my own Secret Language Name to see if it really does match my own personality.

I visited Secret Language Name and entered my birthday.  Even though I felt the urge to cheat I admitted my birth year for a correct answer!

I admit when I read my Secret Language name I thought “Me? Seductive Metamorphosis?  Seriously?”, but I continued onto the description.  Surprisingly what I read did sound a lot like me, especially the parts about isolating myself from the world for periods of time. personality traits

Am I going to base my life on what The Secret Language tells me about myself?  Definitely not, but I do find a lot of what my report said to be interesting and dead on.  Other parts, such as the Health section, were not only accurate about my current issues but remind me I should take better care of myself.  Who knew my own birthday would reveal that I’m more prone to chronic health problems when that is what I’ve just discovered on my own?

I found my own Secret Language report to be so interesting I wanted to compare it to the personality traits of my friends and family to see how accurate it would be.  I even looked up both of my girls just for fun.  I’m considering printing their reports so I can compare to see if my girls do indeed develop the personalities that were revealed for them!

My husband, Ben, is “Seductive Animation”, and the personality traits of being spirited, life-oriented, spontaneous, and eruptive definitely fit him.  His personality and health reports were also pretty dead on.

My Dad is an “Inspirational Integrator”, and his personality traits of being uncompromising and emotionally hard hit the nail on the head.

I tried a few more friends who all revealed pretty accurate traits associated with the personalities I know them to have.  When I got to my girls I found both reports to be pretty interesting.  Ellie is “Mastered Sensational Detail”, and her personality traits of magnetic, perfectionalist, dramatic, jealous, claiming, and overstressed couldn’t fit her developing personality any better, especially the dramatic one!

 October 24 people can be highly controlling personalities who dominate their family life or social circle. Though strongly assertive types who usually have something to say, they can sometimes say still more through silence. Indeed they often feel that the quality of what they do speaks for itself, with no need for added promotion to give it credence.

Geez, that couldn’t be more true about my very dominating little drama queen!

According to Aubrey’s birthday she is “Introspective Gutsy Confrontation”, and she should be strongly opinionated, loyal, and put up a good fight.  She’s definitely going to need those traits when she gets older and has to battle her sister over the bathroom!

Now that you’ve heard all about myself, my family, and my friends, why don’t you head over to The Secret Language and see what is revealed about your own personality?  You may be surprised at what you read!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.