Up and Running Again

Sorry for the downtime Everyday Randomness (as well as most of my other network of sites) has been experiencing over the last few days.  Apparently one of the WordPress plugins that I have been running had a vulnerability that allowed a malicious file to be uploaded to my server shutting down everything.  My host as well as myself were searching for the rogue file, and we finally found it hidden very deeply in the files for Tentblogger’s Feedburner Rss Redirect Plugin.  Honestly it was one of those plugins I forgot I even had active, but I spent the majority of my free time yesterday going through all my files and plugins to make sure there isn’t another piece of malicious code hidden anywhere.  So, for now all seems to be well!

That’s good news because I doubt I could carve out the time to fix something like that over the next few days.  Today is dedicated to cleaning and knocking out a huge to do list.  Tomorrow is dedicated to getting ready for the Show Your Disney Side Play date party I’m excited to host on Saturday!  I can’t wait to get all the munchkins together to play Disney themed games, design t-shirts, pig out on party food, and just generally have fun.  The parents won’t be left out of this one because we’ll all be taking lots of photos and checking out some HP swag while discussing how easy it is to plan Disney vacations.  We have our own Disney vacation in the works for next year pending everything goes as planned.  Aubrey will be just over a year old and not really old enough to know what’s up, but we really want to take Ellie to Disney before she starts school.  Because her birthday is in October it falls after the September cut off for Kindergarten giving me an extra year with her at home.  That means she’ll almost be 6 when she starts Kindergarten, and we can hopefully take her to Disney for her 5th birthday.  

We’ve got plenty of time to plan our Disney trip, but I’ve got to get a move on my to do list.  I’m going to knock out my online work really fast, look for an affordable casio celviano for my bro-in-law, then I’ll get to work cleaning up the mess that we call our living quarters.  The house honestly isn’t that bad right now, but the kiddos are asleep.  You mamas (and daddys!) know how that goes!  Give them 10 minutes of awake time and everything will be destroyed again.  That stack of clean laundry on my couch is calling my name begging to be folded, though!