A VERY Big Thank You!

I want to say thank you to all the wonderful people who have stepped up to help us provide as much as we can for the people of Mount Hope, Alabama.  I’ve had people contacting me all day wanting to know how they can help and where they can drop off goods. I have a nice collection of food and paper products stacking up right now, and there are so many more donations pouring in.

Lighthouse Food FarmI want to extend my gratitude to Farmer Jim and the Lighthouse Food Farm for donating 6 cases of water!  Farmer Jim runs the Lighthouse Food Farm because he is on a mission to help feed the hungry.  The Food Farm provides fresh organic fruits and vegetables that are grown locally to soup kitchens, food banks, shut-ins, elderly, and families trying to make ends meet all across Upstate South Carolina.  Just recently the Food Farm has expanded to providing fresh fruits and vegetables for others across the nation.

Even though fruits and vegetables aren’t something that we feel we can provide these families right now (many do not have homes, some are still without power), Farmer Jim quickly donated a staple that is needed immediately, fresh uncontaminated water.  We know residents do have water, but many farm communities rely on well water, well water that can quickly become contaminated by chemicals and toxins seeping into the ground after a disaster such as this one.

For more information on all the wonderful things Lighthouse Food Farm is doing to help those in need and how you can help, too, please check out Farmer Jim’s Lighthouse Food Farm website, Facebook page, and Youtube Channel!


Check out the SFNToday.com interview with Farmer Jim about the Lighthouse Food Farm!